The APG23 Family Home is a rather special family.

Real mums and dads give their life, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to children, persons with disabilities, alone and abandoned, to the elderly and anyone who needs to be welcomed and supported every day. To anyone who needs to be loved. To feel at home..

We give a family
to those who do not have one!

Why is the Apg23 Family Home unique?

Because a mum and dad are there all the time.
Here the warmth of a family is combined with a professional approach by parents who are constantly trained.

Because here children and adults with different histories and problems live together.
Each member in a Family Home contributes his or her history, becoming an asset for everyone.

Because the basis of the education model is direct sharing.
This is how bonds are formed which help eradicate marginalization, solitude and abandonment.

Because each Family Home is part of a solidarity network.
The many services offered by the Community Pope John XXIII provide responses which are at the same time diversified and integrated to meet the needs of those who are welcomed.


Family Homes

in Italy and Worldwide


People welcomed overall

in Italy and abroad.


days of welcome
in a family home.


Open Families, Fraternity Homes, Emergency Reception Centres, etc…

To give a family to those who do not have one

io #cimettolamiavita

The relationships formed within an APG23 Family Home are authentic, resulting from a choice based on true and selfless love; they meet everyone’s need to feel loved. To feel at home.

Help us find a family for those who do not have one.


The Community Pope John XXIII (APG23), founded in 1968 by Father Oreste Benzi, is made of people who every day share their life with the poor, the outcast, abandoned children, people who are alone.

Through 500 facilities including Family Homes, canteens for the poor, nutrition centres, Bethlehem Huts for the homeless, therapeutic communities, social cooperative and emergency reception centres, in more than 30 countries worldwide, the members and volunteers of our Community help implement its founder’s great project: being the family for those who do not have one.


The history of the Community Pope John XXIII is inextricably linked to that of its founder.
Oreste Benzi was born on 7 September 1925 in San Clemente, a small village inland from Rimini, from a poor family, the sixth of nine children. He was ordained in 1949, and immediately became involved in the education of teenagers and young adults.

Moved by a ground-breaking spirit, in 1968 he founded what is now the Community Pope John XXIII, which he inspired and guided until the 2nd of November 2007, when he passed away.